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OM-Digital Solutions is here

2021 is the year of the restart of the photo brand Olympus as OM-Digital Sulutions GmbH with the HQ for Europe in Hamburg. Olympus is not dead. On the contrary, the brand is stepping on the gas and focusing on the needs of mobile nature photography. This is evident not only from the fact that the extremely good 150-400mm/F4.5 lens is being delivered, but also with many new and interesting product developments. I am all the more pleased that this year OM magazine is in its first issue 1: Closer to Nature

Of course, I am honored that my work is mentioned among 12 international photographers. But regardless of that, I think it's very successful. It offers interesting insights into nature photography with OM-DS.

Have fun reading the free online version: OM-Magazine #1

Hier der Link zu meinem Teil in Deutsch: OM-Magazine A.Geh dt.


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